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Filmmaker. Actor. Voiceover artist. Co-director of The Public Studio. Plus other things. 

A wearer of innumerable hats, Ming-Zhu is unreasonably obsessed with great aesthetics and non-cringe-making marketing, exploring how the digital landscape is changing storytelling media, and making strange and beautiful film.

Ming-Zhu has a Bachelor of Dramatic Art from the Victorian College of the Arts, a Certificate IV in Business Management and is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Screen Media with a focus on narrative project development in the Australian film and television industry.

Along with her husband Nicholas Coghlan, Ming-Zhu is the co-director of The Public Studio, an experimental and narrative film and video production company who also dabble in the occasional live performance project. Together they have produced a crazy amount of artwork with, for and seen in companies and venues such as Federation Square, Chamber Made Opera, Malthouse Theatre, La Mama and The Store Room. Ming-Zhu has been directing, writing and producing theatre, video and film for seven years. 

To other hats, Ming-Zhu has also worked variously as a creative business coach and consultant, a social media strategist for wellness businesses and non-profits, and was the founding head of events and special projects at Dumbo Feather Magazine. She was the co-director of The Screen Test Studio, Melbourne's first dedicated remote auditioning service for screen professionals.

Ming-Zhu also created, curated and ran an art and design boutique both in North Melbourne and online, peddling in sublime objects from companies like Third Drawer Down, Me and Amber, Rhodia, Moleskine and scores and scores of local designers. 

But her BA certainly hasn't gone to waste. Ming-Zhu is still working as an actor and voiceover artist, and will soon be seen in Channel 10's upcoming miniseries Party Tricks. You can hear her voice on... well, quite a few ads right now, as well as the occasional Radio National poetry show. 

She is also about to launch a new, boutique media business, and is currently working on several short film projects. Plus other things. Watch this space. 

Acting agent: James Laurie Management +613 9682 9100

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