Recent roll-call of foci.

So much for consistency. Alas, every time I've recently sat down to begin writing to post, my brain has been sabotaged by the myriad projects encroaching upon me from the dark depths of my unchecked to-do list...

But because if I don't post today, I'll fall yet a day further into the black hole of a ridic. schedule and real-world-dramas, I'm just going to give a blow-by-blow rundown of what's being occupying my time (and mah brainspace) lately, and then we can move on. 

1. I've started a full-time course in producing and screen project development. 

I'm studying at Open Channel (which is one of those ridiculously well-kept secrets) and doing their year-long advanced diploma in screen and media (aka: "Scriptshop" - which is perhaps the best kept vocational training secret of all). It's two physical days of contact, and an online study day, plus scriptwriting. Yeah, it's kind of like heaven. 

2. Teaching myself about transmedia producing. 

Following pretty much on from point one. I'm a bit obsessed with it at the moment, and its wildly fascinating translating what I previously regarded as cross-platform marketing into a complete storytelling journey. That sounds a bit airy-fairy, so to put it in firmer terms with greater social relevance: it's about creating content for audiences that is of exceedingly high value as discreet interactions, and whose whole also then becomes greater than the sum of its parts. It's telling the story around the hearth about the amazing berries, taking your audience for a walk to see the berries, giving them a slice of berry pie, and then inviting them to find their own berries and upload photos of their berry pie creations to instagram before leading them back to your webseries about berries on YouTube... You get my drift. That's just the tip of the engagement iceberg, really - and a lot of my research is in the role of diverse platforms, their behaviours and demographic focus. Now if you're saying that sounds an awful lot like marketing and community management, you'd be right. But I think that when done right, when it drives a beautifully crafted narrative and actually delivers value to the lives of the audience (rather than just pretending to), it then becomes something much, much bigger... Stay tuned. 

3. Observing in a closer way the state of representation of women and people of colour in Western media. 

Nothing new here, but worth remarking on, because it has been occupying a huge deal of my brainspace. If you're curious about checking out a few of the relevant items that have engaged me, I've posted, retweeted & commented on a few, on my twitter stream. It's particularly given me a renewed lens through which to view produced narrative media (film & tv); and my interest of course isn't just what's coming out of Australia - I'm just as engaged with what's happening in other countries producing substantially high levels of English-language media.

4. Life business. 

Applying for a new day job to support it all. Auditioning. Voiceovering. The usual. The usual takes up quite a lot of time. Maybe John Lennon should have said, "Life is what happens when you're busy just trying to survive." It's been a slow start to the year by all accounts in the creative industries. I know a lot of people who are feeling the pinch in a very real way. The freelance jobs just haven't been as plentiful as they were last year. A bit scary. But, then again - necessity is the mother of - well, a lot of great things, let's face it.

5. More skype and coffee meetings than I can handle. (In a good way.)

So many amazing new projects in the works, and big, ongoing projects with plans to finally get finished. So many exciting collaborations with fascinating people and great organisations. I've a feeling I'm going to have to curtail some of the video / art film making in order to get a bit more of the learning / screenwriting / development / other-work done, but still. We've been gearing up for a handful of very inspiring bits and pieces of work this year, and that's a good feeling. 

6. Writing like a mad lady. 

Scripts and pitches, mostly. Also like heaven. A heavily time-consuming slice of heaven. 

So that's it. An itemisation of my excuses for not posting more recently. I'll get back into the nitty-gritty of things in just a moment. But right now, I've gotta go do my homework.