One film finished;

My 2018 short film, INTRUSION is currently represented for global sales exclusively by Kurzfilm Hamburg. We are coming to the end of a wonderful international festival run, with our recent European premiere in Jena, Germany and which includes being shortlisted as a Narrative Finalist at Heartland’s Indy Shorts, winning Best Experimental Film at LA Shorts in 2018, and recently 2nd prize at Lorne Film Festival for its home state premiere. You can read much more about INTRUSION, and watch the trailer here.

Another begins.

I’m ensconced in late-stage development on my first feature film. The film is an exploration of the lives of several women who create fashion media in a world very much like our current one, where occurrences of fatal and domestic violences against women are terrifying in their frequency. It will be a work of both poetic and thrilling cinema that considers the violence of looking and the relationship it bears to real-world physical violence. More information is here.

Director in Residence at Malthouse.

I am coming to the end of my 18 month residency at Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne (as Female Director in Residence), where I have been gradually developing several a new for theatre, learning a great deal about the main stage company structure, and having an enormous wealth of great artistic and political conversations.

(Un)quitting acting.

Following the results of the Australian federal election, I ended my incredibly short retirement from acting (I’d been officially retired for oh, about a month and a half). Quitting allowed me to shrug off the burden of the risk of having to be looked at for a few minutes — which was starting to weigh heavily on me; and crucially allowed me to get a major draft of the feature film finished. Coming back is a kind of political battle-cry for me. To be a useful, impactful part of the progress-making seat of storytelling power. For now, I’m now being super-selective with work, but I’m very happy to be back.

A new installation.

I’m also starting to tinker around with ideas for a new installation in the second-half of 2020, and considering spaces & spatial contexts. More as it unfolds.

Voice work, of course.

Of course, I’m regularly in and out of the commercial voiceover booth with absolute joy and gratitude.

Updated 18th June, 2019